what is RETREEIT ?

Yes , RETREEIT is simply Re-Tree-it !!!!

Sri Lanka attracts millions of tourists a year thanks to the natural beauty of this gem of an island and the tropical weather which is a paradise for Travellers looking to get away from a cold winter or the  busy city life.


It is our duty to contribute positively to stand strong against adverse weather conditions, global warming, severe droughts by enhancing the lush green ambiance in the country by encouraging a tree planting culture among our fellow citizens and  travellers.

Kavishan Dissanayake was no stranger to nature blended activities since childhood as he had a habit of celebrating each milestone in life with planting a tree and he proudly states that the credit goes to his parents for this positive influence that they have made in his life.

It was “Australia Awards  scholarship in Sustainable Tourism Development”  which triggered  Kavishan to make a change by merging tourism with contribution to nature by establishing “ Retreeit – A retreat with a cause”  where each retreat can give back  to mother nature by planting a tree.This was further developed to be a brand which plants a tree with every engagement with the brand where any individual can contreebute.