• Kavishan Dissanayake

The Whale riding Aquaman - Hero or Zero ???

A Saudi Arabian man jumping onto the back of a whale and riding the animal by holding its fin is a trending video on social media which was captured near the port city of Yanbu in Saudi Arabia according to News.(NDTV)

In the video clip, the man jumps off the boat and lands on the animal's back. Then, holding on to its dorsal fin, he rides into the Red Sea while a friend shouts "Careful, it can swallow you," another friend cheering him on. The footage was later uploaded on Twitter, where it has divided opinions some commending it as a heroic act and some criticizing the same on animal cruelty.

Whale shark is one of the world's largest animals and these majestic creatures ,considered harmless are listed as 'endangered' on the International Union for Conservation of Nature's Red List.

It is for the readers to decide if this is a heroic act or not as this will provide the public a negative message encouraging this sort of abusive practices which is definitely in violation of the rights of these voiceless animals and this can lead to a disastrous situation in Marine Tourism and the sustainability of the industry as well.

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