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What is Green Travel ? Who is a Green Traveler ?

Updated: Jun 15, 2020

The Green Travel trend has picked up with guests booking ‘green’ eco-friendly accommodations. They are increasingly more willing to pay for sustainable and eco-friendly travel. According to a survey by booking.com, 87% of the guests interviewed indicate that they want to travel sustainably.

And they provided reasons why they would like to travel greener. 60% of them have said that their own experiences being out in nature inspired them to take better care of the planet. These experiences include;

  • Having seen the beauty of coral reefs and rainforests (60%)

  • Having seen the impact of tourism on the location they visited (54%)

  • Having seen the positive effects that sustainable tourism can have on the local population (47%)

  • Having seen what effect unsustainable tourism has on the country (42%)

There are so many ways to reduce the impact of your travels other than booking eco friendly accommodation.Some of them are as below

Rethink about your flying !!!

The best way to reduce CO2-emissions is to simply not fly.Yes !! try domestic travel first. But if you do need to fly, try to avoid short distances in a row. Short distance aviation causes the most pollution per kilometre due to all the factors related to the operations.Try to avoid stopovers as this will make the journey longer, which means more kilometres, more fuel, and more CO2-emissions. Instead of choosing that cheap flight, just spend a couple of euros more on a direct flight and you will thank yourself later. And if there are alternative options, try the train instead of flying at all.And if and when you book a flight, try and use a flight search engine that offsets your flight’s CO2-emissions for no extra charge.

Be a light traveler

Do you know that flying economy class is actually better than flying business class as carbon footprint is lower in economy fliers. First of all, business class takes up loads of physical space, while economy class carries more people and is thus way more efficient.

Secondly, think about what is required to run all the business-class airport lounges, spas and fancy facilities. The amount of water being used and the amount of waste that they produce is significantly higher than that of economy class.And pack light and be a light traveler whenever possible. A heavy suitcase will make the airplane use more fuel than a light backpack.

Shared transport

Try to share rides and save on petrol costs, reduce CO2-emissions and even get to know new people whenever travelling on your journey. This will be fun as well rather than going on a private transfer which can be boring most of the time.

Never try tourism attractions with wild animals

Fancy posing with exotic animals like Tigers and Elephants? These poor animals are semi-sedated and often live in poor maintained cages most of the time. Try to do research before you travel to such attractions to be enlightened if they are real orphanages and actual conservation projects.And try to skip the elephant rides. it is torture in another form.

Wild animals are wild for a reason. Go see them wander in the wild.

BYOS - Bring your own stuff

Take your own shower products with you in reusable bottles, so you don't have to use your hotel's mini shampoos and body lotions which are in plastic containers most of the time. Try not to be a part of the problem by adding to the pile of waste at your holiday destination. Be the solution.Bring your own water bottles that you can refill and bring your own bags so you can say no to plastic.

Try these stuff and now you are one step closer being a Green Traveler. What else can you think of? Mention in the comments section to help others.

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